Nes 2 Toploader AV Mod


The Nes 2 is the improved version of the Nes. He was smaller and has no security. Only regret that he had no AV out.
Fortunately this can be added.


What do you need?



Resistance of a 120 Ohm
Resistance of a 330 ohm
A capacitor of 220 uF 6.3 V Minimum
A Capacitor of 560 pF
1 2N3906 PNP transistor
A 3.5 stereo jack plug
a circuit board with lines
6 pieces of 25 cm thin wire
and of course a Nes 2




Security Bit 4.5 mm (gamebit)
Small Phillips screwdriver
Soldering iron (Preferably with a small point)
Tin Solder
Small cutting pliers
Wire stripper
Small hacksaw


First you screw the console open. There are four security screws on the bottom. On the screws fit only special security bit of 4.5 mm.


Now you can unscrew the rf shield. There are 3 screws.


Now we build the PCB. Use your hacksaw to make a small piece of 7 x 6 holes and file the edges off. Notice how the lines on the board are!


Assemble parts and solder it. Pay attention to the capacitor and transistor. They should not be reversed.

It doesnít not matter with the capacitor and resistors.


I get the video directly from the PPU video chip. The green wire is on pin 21.


Pin 21 goes through to Q1. Since itís easy on the bottom I solder my wire there.



I solder the power supply on easy points.


The wire for the sound is right next to it.


Put the mother board back in place. I leave the wires to come out of the right.


Solder the wires to the jack. I do not know if the pin out is always the same. Be sure to measure out the pin out.

I have measured out and soldered it that if I use a jack <-> RCA cable to connect the console,  the red (R) RCA connector is the sound and the white (L) RCA connector is the video.


The white RCA plug is officially mono sound and that leaves the red plug for the video. I have connected it the other way around so that it matches the original NES.
It does not matter too much, it's more of choice.


I've put the jack on the back in the right corner. Be careful while drilling!



Now just give the board a place.


And then everything can be put together again. Place the wires gently to the side and make sure there are no wires sticking out of the case.



Guide created by Darkenrha for Dutch Retro Gamer. No part of this guide may be copied without permission of the author.

I got the information for this guide from dmtgamepack so all the credit goes to him.

His guide program can be downloaded  here.

The forum where I first saw the program and where the Toploader is discussed can be fond here.